‘Utopia or dystopia: Visioning the future of health’ is the headline of this year’s European Healthcare Design Congress & Exhibition 2018 on from 11th to 13th June. It’s a hot topic; this July the NHS will be celebrating its 70th birthday and we can only imagine what the next 70 years will bring for the healthcare landscape.  With expected changes in climate, technology, society, demographics and resources, healthcare facilities will be very different from those we experience today and this conference promises to tackle these issues head on.

We’re really excited to be part of this great event, now in its 4th year, which brings experts from around the world to the Royal College of Physicians.  David Symons, head of our Future Ready programme, will be leading the charge for WSP with a talk about designing Future Ready Healthcare in the city. David will bring the subject to life with practical applications and initiatives on how we can harness future trends to enable better building design.  His talk promises to inspire and engage, with illustrations including projects around the world from Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg to Kwong Wah Hospital in Hong Kong

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Moa Pauhlson, from WSP Lighting Design in Sweden, accompanied by Ãsa Moum of Moum Design AB will be offering insights into the Helsingborg Hospital project, a very special look into the future of Lighting Design for Neonatal care.  From creating a calming atmosphere to encourage parents and infants to bond through to secluded light showers to increase staff focus and productivity through the night shift, this is one not to miss and a  project we are incredibly proud to be part of.

We’re partnering with the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art in a workshop to inform our new research project titled “How prepared is healthcare for the future?”.  This is an exciting opportunity to discuss and debate what the future of healthcare looks like for cities around the world.

David Symons in the Wolfson Theatre

Designing Future Ready healthcare in the city

12th June, Session 16 at 10:45am


Moa Pauhlson in the Council Chamber

The future of lighting design for neonatal care – Helsingborg Hospital

12th June, Session 22 at 4:00pm


Lunchtime Design Workshop in the Council Chamber
How prepared is healthcare for the future? 

12th June at 12:40pm


But that’s not all….

We demonstrate how we can harness the value of data through our Medical Equipment Planning poster in the library.  And we show how data and technology can enhance efficient, patient centred design through virtual mock-ups and Facilities Management software.

The European Healthcare Design Congress & Exhibition 2018 is on from 11th to 13th June at Royal College of Physicians, London, UK

We look forward to seeing you there!

Come and talk to us about the future at booth 14.

  • Laura Swanepoel - Healthcare Lead, Africa
  • Thomas Chan - Healthcare Lead, Asia
  • Damien Kenny - Healthcare Lead, Australia
  • Kevin Cassidy - Healthcare Lead, Canada
  • Simon Kydd -  Global Healthcare Lead
  • Nolan Rome - Global Head of Healthcare
  • Kris Noiseux - Healthcare Lead, New Zealand 
  • Gunnar Linder - Healthcare Lead, Sweden
  • Moa Pauhlson - Lighting Designer in Sweden
  • Andrew Wildgust - Director of Healthcare Advisory Services, UK
  • David Symons - Future Ready Global Leader
  • Maria Fisher - Bid Manager, UK
  • Matthew Marson - Head of WSP Smart Buildings, UK
  • Suzanne MacCormick - Associate Director - Healthcare Advisory, UK


Download our Future Ready Healthcare Brochure


Meet David Symons

David leads WSP’s Future Ready programme about seeing the future more clearly and designing both for this future as well for the needs of today.. .  Future Ready in healthcare means designing flexible spaces which can be adapted to suit advances in medical technology, expanded to meet the needs of growing and ageing populations and easily modified to provide comfortable environments in which patients can recover and staff can work despite the challenges of climate change. Future Ready enables WSP to deliver better value for our clients and places us at the heart of creating long term legacy for future healthcare.  

If you were a piece of medical equipment what would you be? 
A microscope – helping see the smallest things which can have huge impact

If you had a super power what would it be?    
With my Future Ready role, it has to be time travel

What job would you choose to do in a hospital?  
I use physiotherapists so much from various sporting injuries I’d save a fortune being one.


Meet Moa Pauhlson

What’s exciting about healthcare and why are you passionate about it?
Healthcare is one of the most important aspects of modern society. To be able to contribute and influence the environment to assist patients’ healing and recovery gives my practice as a lighting designer greater meaning.  Because of how it impacts peoples’ lives I feel very passionate about healthcare and how lighting design can have a positive impact. 

How do you see the future in your specialist field of lighting design?
Lighting affects how we feel, our levels of alertness and calm. Through carefully considered lighting design we can create optimum conditions for a patient’s health and recovery, as well as benefitting staff by enabling them to do their best work, thus increasing their job  satisfaction.  The future in healthcare for lighting design is in understanding and leveraging how it is used in various treatments, therapies and healing.

If you were a piece of medical equipment what would you be?
A future flicker-free adjustable luminaire.
If you had a super power what would it be?  
If I had a super power, I would speak 100 different languages so that I could communicate the importance of good lighting design all over the world.
What job would you choose to do in a hospital?  
With so many important job roles in healthcare it’s hard to choose.  If I worked in a hospital, I would like to work with children in some way. They are our future.

Moa is a lighting designer based in Malmö, Sweden.  She has a B.A. in Lighting Design and a B.A. in Visual Communications specialising in Architecture. Through her work and studies, she has gained unique experience of the interaction between lighting design, architecture and visual communications.  Moa has used her expertise in a number of lighting design assignments in healthcare engaging and enabling human wellbeing. 


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