A Breath of Fresh Air in Our Air Quality Team

We welcome our newest appointment, John Conway, as Senior Principal to the Air Quality team which is part of the Environment group in ANZ.

Based in Melbourne, Mr Conway’s role is to provide air quality expertise across all sectors and to manage the scope and delivery of complex large scale projects in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). He joins a team of four dedicated air quality practitioners with geographic presence in all states along the east coast and reach across the region.


Today, the Air Quality team works in sectors including resources, transport, water, waste, power and heavy industry. Core capabilities include air and odour dispersion modelling, ambient air quality surveys, greenhouse gas assessments, managing stack emission monitoring surveys and providing consultancy services and advice (management plans, works approvals, licensing and auditing).


Commenting on business opportunities, Mr Conway says, “By international standards, air quality in Australia is generally good. However, poor air quality does occur from time to time; the main sources arising from transport, large industries, domestic activities, and large scale pollution events including dust storms, prescribed burns and bushfires.


“One of the most important trends in Australia is the continuing reduction of motor vehicle exhaust emissions – a major contributor to air pollution in cities. Improved vehicle technology despite large increases in cars and trucks is the main reason. Advances in engine technology entering the vehicle fleet is occurring much faster than the rate of growth in vehicle use.


“Looking further into the future, tighter vehicle emission standards, the gradual rise in popularity of electric car use and the slow demise of diesel powered vehicles (which has already commenced in Europe), are the key drivers for vehicle emission reductions. The pace at which these changes will occur is market dependent. Notwithstanding, current trends are indicating that a reduction in vehicular emissions reasons will ensure a future cleaner air quality environment for all.”


Mr Conway has recently worked on two large infrastructural projects in Victoria including the Mordialloc Bypass and the West Gate Tunnel. He brings his depth of experience and knowledge on delivering air quality impact assessments to WSP and importantly the lessons learnt.


Jason Watson, National Air Quality Team Manager says, “WSP’s Air Quality team is going from strength to strength. We have recently been awarded major infrastructure projects including Melbourne Metro and Inland Rail. Mr Connell brings 25 years of experience to the firm, which includes delivering major infrastructure projects in Australia and globally. His presence will significantly boost our capacity and capability in delivering major projects in Victoria and Australia.”


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