Entering the Matrix With Mona Mosallanejad

Next week at the Australasian Transport Research Forum in Darwin, WSP Traffic Engineer Mona Mosallanejad will be sharing insights on her self-developed Origin Destination (OD) matrix.

Ms Mosallanejad who is also studying for her doctorate at the University of South Australia says that the matrix uses fare data to predict travel patterns of commuters.


“People in Adelaide swipe their card when they board a public transport service but not when disembarking. One of the issues with estimating the destination is that it can be difficult to distinguish whether people are transferring to another bus or mode of public transport or whether their journey is complete and can be specified as a destination.


The algorithm I have developed using SQL software can tell us a user’s final destination and demand for public transport. From this, we can create an OD matrix to tell us the level of demand between particular suburbs and enable us to plan public transport accordingly.


By providing us with an accurate estimation of public transport, the OD matrix will immensely help public agencies in route rationalisation; which in turn will lead to higher public transport patronage.”


The Australasian Transport Research Forum will run from 30 October – 1 November. Mona will also be presenting her algorithm to an international audience at the 23rd International Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies in December.


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