Nurturing Collaboration and Diversity at AITPM

As part of our commitment to being future-focused and challenging the status quo, WSP will join a host of thought-leaders in Perth this week to discuss the latest challenges and innovations in transport at the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management’s National Conference (AITPM).

The event, which is being held in Perth, features a strong line-up of local and international keynote speakers, including WSP’s global Leader in Travel Demand Modelling and Simulation, Rick Donnelly, who will take the stage to share his insights on the changing landscape of transport modelling and the impending third wave of digitisation.


Supporting Mr Donnelly will be WSP speakers Mary Haverland and John Webster, both technical executives in Integrated Transport Planning (ITP), along with transport modellers, Callan Stirzaker and John Trieu. Together, they will engage in dialogues on transport planning, modelling, and newly introduced freights and ports streams.


In addition to our speakers, WSP is represented by two AITPM diversity grant winners, Senior Transport Planner, Roxane MacInnis, and Graduate Transport Planner, Chen Whittle, as well as AITPM Young Professional Award Winner for WA, Xin Hou.


Andrew Leedham, AITPM National President and WSP Technical Executive – Integrated Transport Planning says, “This year’s conference sees a greater focus on live discussions with the introduction of the young professional panel session, as well as building on the greater recognition of diversity that began at AITPM last year where the Young Women in Transport session was introduced.


“For industry, it is a chance to discuss evolving topics such as planning for streets as places, promoting safe active transport and influencing travel behaviour.


“For WSP, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate our industry leadership as well as leverage our international networks and extensive knowledge in the transport planning and modelling spaces.” concluded Mr Leedham.


WSP speaking sessions:

  • Wednesday 25 July 11.00am: Transport and Land Use Modelling – Big Data, Big Models, Rick Donnelly (International Keynote)
  • Wednesday 25 July 1.15pm: Pedestrian Microsimulation and Practical Realism – John Webster, Technical Executive, Integrated Transport Planning
  • Wednesday 25 July 2.45pm: Movement and Place – the ANZ Experience, Mary Haverland, Technical Executive, Integrated Transport Planning
  • Thursday 26 July 9.00am: Light Rail Evolution – Traffic Interface, Catenary Free and Modelling, Callan Stirzaker, Principal Transport Modeller, Integrated Transport Planning
  • Friday Workshops: The Value of Small Models, John Trieu, Transport Modeller, Integrated Transport Planning


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