Designing Better, Safer Railways for Tomorrow’s Communities

Customers are front and centre when it comes to designing modern transport infrastructure.

Recently, WSP’s Matt Edwards and Pete Davis jointly presented at a technical meeting for the Sydney branch of the international railway track industry think tank, the Permanent Way Institution (PWI). Mr Edwards and Mr Davis both demonstrated our railway design team’s increasing use of design automation, digital technology, and data analysis to help maximise safety and positive user experiences.


The pair discussed methodologies used on a recent project to design and test various rail design options rapidly, and the difference these tools made to client outcomes.


Applying the Customer Connectivity tool and daBOT early in the design process helps guide the alignment of a railway and make sure it benefits as many people as possible.


Sam McWilliam, Rail Executive NSW says, “Design automation and data analysis have changed the way we approach early planning and design, and have evolved the way we collaborate across the board and deliver the vision of a project – one that has the customer at the centre.”


For more information about the event, click here.


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