Spinning the Workplace 180 Degrees

Many professionals believe it’s time our workplaces update their outdated 9–5 model to appeal to the diverse and modern society we now live in.

This sentiment was echoed by Matthew Salisbury, WSP’s Regional Director for South Australia and the Northern Territory, in Work 180’s Flexible Working Week publication recently.


 In the article entitled, ‘Why flexible workplaces are a business priority’, Mr Salisbury says, “Flexible work options should be available for everyone, both men and women, from junior right up to senior. Reasons for flexible work differ so the ability to use it should be seen as the norm rather than the exception.


“Flexible work options form part of the toolkit needed to achieve a balanced workforce. The benefits are well-documented and far-reaching.


“I believe that it gives employees who have competing priorities outside of the workforce the opportunity to still achieve their career goals. Just because someone is caring for children, elderly parents and/or loved ones with disabilities, it shouldn’t mean they are viewed less favourably than others.


“In my experience, I’ve always found flex workers to be extremely organised and productive. I do believe that most people working flex can get through just as much work in four days for example as they would in the traditional 40 hour working week.”


A passionate advocate for gender equality, Mr Salisbury is also a member of the Chiefs for Gender Equity group.


You can read Mr Salisbury’s full article on page 28 here.


For more information on WSP’s Diversity and Inclusion policy, including our new campaign #engineeredOURway, please click here.


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