And the 2018 Pathways Manager of the Year is . . .

Congratulations to Kate Volcov, Director of Clients, Markets & Brand, who was recognised as the 2018 Pathways Manager of Year.

Kate’s positive and proactive approach in managing her team was highly regarded. She highlighted her team’s development and happiness as her top priorities.


She says, “Giving people in my team regular stretch and shadowing opportunities is an important element of their career development. By providing them with chances to grow and evolve, they also challenge each other all the while encouraging diversity of thought.”


Kate implements a monthly ‘Pop-Up Ideas’ segment during her regular team meetings. She explains, “By giving each person – regardless of age and seniority – 10 minutes to talk to the group about a marketing idea or initiative that they are interested in, helps the team brainstorm potential areas of improvement and ways we can challenge the status quo. By doing this, we are helping each other stay on top of new trends whilst also benefiting the client experience.”


Having started with WSP in 2016, Kate has already amassed a long list of achievements. She has seen her team’s staff engagement results increase exponentially and has also been welcomed onto the WSP ANZ Executive Leadership Team. She was also the project director for the 2018 WSP Global Cities Index, an initiative she conceived on a plane journey. “This particular body of work is the most memorable milestone in my career to date,” says Kate.


“As the project director, I was responsible for pulling together more than 50 of the firm’s top experts from around the world to contribute to the Index and establish us as a thought leader in the cities space.


“With so much competition in this area, we needed to do something brave that would really put us on the map. The Index has been incredibly well received in the marketplace and I’m thankful to my team and to all those who contributed to help bring it to life.”


Our Pathways team would also like to congratulate Shay Gordon-Brown, Major Projects Executive, who came runner-up. Shay has been recognised for her unique ability to manage individual team members’ development interests whilst also meeting key deliverables as the discipline lead for one of the five new stations on the Melbourne Metro.


Shay is passionate about work-life balance and encouraging her team to follow their passions outside of work. She says, “I think people are the happiest versions of themselves when work and life is well managed. I’m a strong believer in culture and if our people are happy at work and at home, then we will be able to provide the best level of service to our clients and communities.”


Congratulations to the following people who were shortlisted for the award:


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