In yet another win for the Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project, our lighting work on the station upgrades has been recognised with a Commendation at the recent 2019 VIC/TAS Lighting Design Awards.


Presented by the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand (IESANZ), the awards celebrate originality and ingenuity in lighting and luminaire design.


Our Melbourne based lighting team made up of Adrian Sterritt, Associate Lighting Designer, and Kim Straatemeier, Lighting Designer worked to develop a safe environment for the community through clever use of lighting.


On receiving the award, Adrian was pleased to see the team’s hard work on a complex project recognised.


“I truly believe that we have set the bench mark for rail projects in Victoria,” said Adrian. “The people of Victoria deserve to have something that is not only functional but also is aesthetically pleasing.”


According to our designers the approach we took across the five new stations and precincts is refreshingly different and truly adds a strong individual visual identity.


Adrian said, “The lighting is expressed via the integration of accent ‘lines’ guiding you through the architectural curves of the space – acting as intuitive wayfinding.


“Clear consideration was given to the impact of lighting on the user’s journey – using both natural daylight and artificial lighting to illuminate the area.”
Adrian also acknowledged the success of our team’s design as a result of strong collaborations with multidisciplinary partners across the project.



Our Cup Runeth Over

WSP was in for another treat during the night’s festivities as it was announced that our work on the University of South Australia’s (UniSA), Pridham Hall has gone on to win an Excellence award at the IES National Awards.


Earlier in the year our project had been recognised at the South Australian IES chapter’s award ceremony.


The UniSA building is a multi-purpose sports hall designed to be a centrepiece of the university campus.


In addition to its use as a sports and activity space, the hall is also used for a broad range of events and functions.


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