Charging Our Battery Future

WSP and Covalent Lithium have signed a long-term contract to continue working together on the Mount Holland Lithium Project which is expected to be complete and in operation by 2022.

Located south of Southern Cross in Western Australia, approximately 500km east of Perth, the project is centred on the Earl Grey hard-rock lithium deposit. The refinery will be in Kwinana, 38 km south of the Perth CBD.


Integrated Approach

Aligned with Covalent Lithium’s values of purpose, care and accountability, WSP will continue to provide an experienced team of skilled and qualified professionals to work alongside project staff in Perth, on site and at other project locations as necessary.


As part of the project team, we will deliver project management services throughout the execution phase, supporting Covalent Lithium and enabling them to manage risk and control cost, schedule and quality.


Relevance to Market

The Mount Holland Lithium Project will produce approximately 45,000 tonnes per year of battery grade lithium hydroxide – sufficient to support the manufacture of approximately one million Electric Vehicles (EVs) a year. Of the 73 million cars per year being sold globally (Roskill, 2019), only 3 per cent are represented by battery EVs and plug-in hybrid EVs.


With increasing public scrutiny on governments to reduce greenhouse emissions and set goals for creating cleaner, sustainable environments, it is projected that by 2028, the EV market share among all vehicle sales will rise significantly from 3 per cent to approximately 37 per cent, with 19 per cent accounted for battery electric vehicles.


Growth will further boost market share by end use of rechargeable batteries to approximately 89 per cent and the Mount Holland Lithium Project is well-timed to cater for a portion of this increased demand.


Sam Bennett, WSP’s Director of Resources said, “We’re delighted to have signed a long-term agreement with Covalent Lithium and to continue supporting them and their shareholders throughout the development of the Mount Holland Lithium Project.


“We’re extremely proud to be part of such a transformational initiative, supporting the growth of EVs whilst creating and sustaining jobs in Western Australia throughout the operation.”


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