Connecting with Experts Abroad to Deliver Excellence for Clients

Tim Shannon, Mechanical Engineer for Resources in Newcastle unpacks the benefits of his experience with WSP in Sweden through our Global Exchange Program.

He says, “I first heard about the WSP Global Exchange Program through a colleague from Pathways – our Young Professionals Development Program who openly shared about her learning experience and networking opportunities gained. It sounded like a great opportunity, so when the call for applications came out, I didn’t hesitate to apply for the program.”


In 2017, Tim joined us from BHP eager to learn how to partner with clients and gain a new perspective.


“With the broad range of career opportunities on offer at WSP, I’ve been able to develop and refine my technical engineering skills in detailed design and project management, working on multiple resources and water projects with Tier 1 Contractors. Through our global network, it’s easy to connect with industry peers abroad, and learn how they operate.”



Going International to Deliver Local Benefits

“I was ecstatic to be selected!” says Tim. “I left in late January to spend four weeks learning about our operations in Sweden. My first three weeks were in Lulea, a small town of less than 100,000 people where WSP (they pronounce it ‘vee-ess-pee’) is a household name. My fourth week was spent at the ‘Globen’ office in Stockholm, where I tapped into the knowledge of their management team and gained insight into projects and services in Arenavagen.


“As part of the program, I made a network map composed of about 100 people who I formally met while visiting various offices, including several regional areas as well. I cold-called and approached numerous people I had never met before. At first, it was a bit daunting but everyone was keen to spare the time and share their knowledge with me.


“I was lucky enough to complete a few site visits, including a tour of the world’s largest underground iron ore mine where WSP had designed a large portion of the structural work. No matter where I went or who I met, people were passionate and eager to share what they do in their day-to-day role.


“Connecting with colleagues in Sweden has helped inform and shape my own perspective. I have brought that knowledge and those networks back to better support clients here and the work we do locally. I was encouraged by the extensive detailed design and environmental capabilities we have overseas, which are relevant to our projects in Australia.”


Through our global network, it’s easy to connect with industry peers abroad, and learn how they operate.
Tim Shannon Mechanical Engineer

Continuous Connections

The next season of our Global Exchange Program has commenced with 14 people preparing to embark on their own journey abroad. We are excited to be supporting our young professionals and providing them with the opportunity to develop their international experience and skill set and enable knowledge transfer and exchange of best practices to better serve our clients through an expanded offering, expertise and geographical reach.


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