Beyond Earth Hour: #Connect2Earth

With solar power playing an increasingly important role in Australia’s future, WSP is taking its support for Earth Hour one step further beyond the 60-minute stand.

As part of helping communities thrive, we are enabling parts of Queensland and NSW shift towards a more renewable and sustainable energy future.


Powering Communications in the Heart of Queensland

As Owner’s Engineer, we have worked alongside Renewable Energy Systems (RES), the world’s largest independent renewable energy company and Lighthouse Infrastructure, an investment firm, to develop Australia’s first independently-owned solar park located within the heart of Queensland’s coal country.


Emerald Solar Park spans approximately 160ha with more than 250,000 installed solar panels offering 68MW of generation capacity into the grid – the equivalent of powering up to 35,000 households. During the 12-month build period since October 2017, our team managed the adherence to project specification, and protected the owner’s interests throughout development and construction of this facility which created more than 150 jobs. Emerald Solar Park has been successfully operating since October 2018 where its entire output has been contracted to Telstra – one of the country’s biggest energy users.


Investing in a Bright NSW Future

In the energy industry, project finance is a key element to successful and significant investment. WSP was entrusted as Lenders Technical Advisor during construction of Neoens’ solar farms in NSW at Parkes, Griffith, Dubbo and Narromine. These farms provide a combined power output of 130MW and are set to be in operation for the next 20 years helping Australia reach its renewable energy targets.


The project is contributing to Neoens’ goal of securing 1,000MW of clean, green energy in Australia by 2020.


Transitioning to Renewables

“Turning to solar and other forms of renewables for power generation is not just an environmentally-conscious decision, it is now also an economically smart one,” says Paul Williams, WSP’s Director of Power.


“This Earth Hour, as with any other hour, we will continue to help communities transition to a more renewable energy mix.”


Click here for more information on our solar capabilities and be sure to #Connect2Earth on Saturday 30 March 2019.


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