Mitigating Health, Safety and Risk Concerns Plays A Pivotal Role in Our Communities

Beginning with the firm in 2016, Eane Watson, a Principal Consultant in our Environment team, is determined to eradicate health, safety and risk issues from our surroundings.

“Hopefully one day, industry will reach a point where my job is no longer needed but the truth is, we are a long way off that and it doesn’t sit comfortably with me,” says a passionate Eane.


With a background in the Royal Australian Army as an Infantry soldier, health and safety comes naturally to him. He adds, “We are trained so extensively in seeking out and managing risks that when I left to begin a career in health, safety and emergency management was just a natural progression of my skills.”


With over 10 years of industry experience, Eane has seen great progression in the occupational health and safety discipline. Responsible for helping internal and external clients manage risk for our workplaces and our communities, Eane is buoyed by milestones that have been achieved.


He says, “Traditionally, health and safety professionals were focused on acute, physical risks and often played a compliance or ‘policing’ role. That is increasingly changing, industry now recognises that health and safety is not limited to the physical workplace and there are direct and indirect impacts to and from the community and society as whole. We are becoming increasingly holistic in focus and more sophisticated in the skills and capabilities that we have to offer.”




“That’s why, for example, I am continuing my professional education in paramedicine and emergency management on one hand, and safety, risk and reliability engineering on the other.”


“In addition, we are starting to see more and more attention placed on the way our built environment is designed for modern society and the communities that surround them, not just in terms of environmental impact but also in regards to safe and ‘well’ design principles for both occupational and public risk.


“For example, public concern around silica dust and micro-plastics, in both the workplace and in the environment, is on the rise. And, that’s a good thing. With increasing awareness comes better understanding, and with better understanding comes the ability to do something meaningful to address the problem.”


“It’s an exciting industry that continues to benefit our communities and that is why I love what I do!”


I would love to think that one day my kids can grow up believing that they can be who they want to be free of judgement and stereotypes
Eane Watson Principal Consultant, Environment


Identifying family time as the most critical moment in his week, Eane believes that any gender imbalance is caused by passive action.


He says, “We aren’t actively creating opportunities for women in workplace environments where there is a gender imbalance. Opportunities, when they arise, often they do so passively. I challenge all of us to look for what we can do actively to create those opportunities for us to achieve equity and parity.


“I believe that part of the gender balance problem lies within each of us, as well as the solutions. As a single father, with three daughters and a son, I recognise the critical role that I play as a role model at home, at work and in society. Every second of every day, my actions, behaviours and attitudes impact someone somewhere, and it’s important for me to set the right example.”


“It takes all colours to make a rainbow and diversity in the workplace is key to that success. Some of my best managers have been females, and my mentor is also female. I have found them to empowering leaders and extremely empathetic people. I would love to think that one day my kids can grow up believing that they can be who they want to be free of judgement and stereotypes.”


Enjoying the perks of an active lifestyle, Eane is a keen hobbyist. He is part of a Viking historical re-enactment society, enjoys his martial arts and playing lacrosse.


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