Fourteen Young Professionals Embark on Global Knowledge Exchange

Driven by our Guiding Principles, we take the development of our Young Professionals (YPs) seriously and provide them with the tools and know-how so that they reach their full potential.

Through fostering a culture of high performance and collaboration, our dedicated Global Exchange Program offers our YP’s between 3-12 years’ experience, the opportunity to strengthen their global network, develop their international experience and enable knowledge transfer. It is also part of our talent retention strategy.




Over a four-week period from August through October, 60 high-performing YP’s from across ANZ, Canada, Asia and the Middle East will be travelling to our offices across the regions.


We are excited to announce the following Australian members of our 2019 Global Exchange Program:


The candidates developed a selfie video to share what the Global Exchange means to them. Watch some of the entries below:




Rene Griffiths, Head of Program Delivery and the Global Project Manager for the Global Exchange Program says, “Congratulations to these 14 professionals – being selected to attend this program is a terrific achievement. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for them to live and breathe WSP’s global reach.


“We have seen great success with the program in recent years and look forward to it continuing with our 2019 group.”


If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities available for staff at WSP, please contact Rene here.


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