Innovative Flood Mitigation Solution at Green Square Wins Gong

Congratulations to the Green Square Stormwater Drainage Project for winning the Infrastructure Project Innovation Award at the New South Wales (NSW) Australian Water Association (AWA) Water Awards recently.

To ensure liveability and accessibility while significantly reducing flooding for the thriving future communities at Green Square in the inner-city suburbs south of Sydney, a new 2.4 km stormwater drainage system was built by the Dying Green Alliance (consisting of the City of Sydney, Sydney Water, WSP, Seymour Whyte, UGL and RPS). The project was crucial in enabling the major urban development to proceed in one of NSW's fastest growing centres.


The alliance saw an opportunity to develop a flood mitigation solution by utilising micro-tunnelling to minimise community and environmental impacts. This led to the project undertaking complex hydraulic modelling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and physical modelling to optimise the hydraulic performance of critical structures in the drain. Another key innovation included a water reuse solution that diverts stormwater to a recycling plant that supplies water to buildings and local parks. Together with the installation of two of the largest commercially available Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT) the solution simultaneously reduced pollution on downstream waters and reduced demand for potable water by maximising the capture of pollutants before water discharges into the heritage listed Alexandria Canal. It also made a significant contribution to the Sustainable Sydney 2030 targets for a water sensitive city.


Ian Chase, WSP’s NSW Section Executive for Water says, “This is great recognition for the project and for our team, showcasing an economical and innovative approach to delivering water infrastructure in a heavily built up area as well as meeting community expectations and demonstrating the way urban water resources should be utilised and managed.  Together with our partners, we’ve achieved a great outcome for the future communities of Green Square to thrive.”


The project will go on to represent NSW at the National Awards at Ozwater’19 in May.


Find out more about the AWA NSW Water Awards here.


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