Bringing a Global Air of Aviation Experience to WSP in Australia

Airport and aviation projects around the world are gaining momentum as passenger demand continues to increase and the potential for these projects to stimulate economic development is being realised.

Globally WSP is a leader in aviation. We play a key role in helping airport owners, operators and governments to meet the rising demand for air travel including at airports such as Atlanta, Delhi, Doha, Heathrow, Munich, New York (JFK and La Guardia) and Singapore; and closer to home at Brisbane, Canberra, Christchurch, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. 


To support Australia’s growing aviation market, WSP is broadening its resources in the region with  the appointment of Mark Boone as Aviation Sector Lead for ANZ.


Mr Boone has been planning, designing and constructing airport and transportation engineering projects for 20 years. He has gained experience across the globe on projects and pursuits in the Caribbean, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, South America, the Middle East and Australia. 


Over the past five years, Mr Boone has held leadership roles in the firm’s Airports group in Canada.  Most recently, he was a key consultant for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority contributing to the new Regional Transportation Centre concept, which seeks to bridge the gap between air and transit. 


Charlie Jewkes, WSP Transport Director says, “In today’s landscape, air projects are strongly linked to increased growth and connectivity for a region.


“Mark brings a fresh approach that will help us shape the direction of our airports and the ways in which we can make airport infrastructure work more efficiently within the surrounding areas by making key elements part of an integrated system that provides an all-in-one experience for passengers.”


Integrated airports are on WSP’s agenda, with our Global Aviation group recently publishing its New Mobility Now Aviation Addendum which explores developments that can enhance aviation operations and airport capabilities to create a first rate door-to-door passenger experience.


Mr Boone, says, “To improve road congestion and accessibility around airports, finding more efficient and direct transit connections is key to success. As terminal buildings grow to accommodate the influx of passengers, a unique opportunity exists to seamlessly integrate transit modes into expansion plans. 


“Future shifts in passenger processing and the increased use of GPS based applications such as Google Maps – to navigate the ‘forecourt to gate’ journey – will enhance the customer’s airport experience.  Smaller footprints for passenger processes and a more relaxed experience may also lead to additional revenue generating opportunities.”


Mr Boone commenced his role in mid-January.


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