Newcastle to Implement Smart City Intelligent Platform

The City of Newcastle has engaged WSP Australia to co-design and implement a Smart City Intelligent Platform to complement the city’s national award-winning Newcastle Smart City Strategy 2017 - 2021.

A pioneer project in Australia, the state-of-the-art Intelligent Platform will integrate, consolidate and manage data from a wide range of IoT devices, systems, and citywide sources to enhance the productivity of city services, better connect citizens with timely information, and facilitate advanced data analytics. Designed to avoid data silos which often hamper Smart City initiatives, the Intelligent Platform promotes integrated data and services which will drive productivity and resource management with direct benefits to the City and its citizens.


An illustrative example is the management of City water resources where the Intelligent Platform will process real-time readings from soil moisture sensors in City parks and combine this data with current Bureau of Meteorology weather forecasts and sprinkler water flow controls to optimise water usage in parklands across the city.


Information managed by the Intelligent Platform will be as diverse as data from Smart Parking sensors and Smart Bins to attendance data from the City’s 11 libraries with analysis and insights of how various programs drive library usage.




With all of this accurate, wide-ranging data, the Intelligent Platform will make data available to citizens and interested parties using Open Data Sets accessible by easy to use, web-based tools for selecting and visualising a large body of information relevant to Newcastle and surrounding areas. Ready access to data will allow researchers and 3rd parties to test ideas, innovate and co-innovate with the City Council.


An early design goal stipulated that the fundamental success criteria would be to decrease the barriers involved in introducing new Smart City capabilities. This means designing and implementing capabilities in a manner that simplifies the introduction of new services, while decreasing the associated costs. Key also to the success of the Intelligent Platform is the seamless integration with other technologies selected by Newcastle, including Amazon Web Services, NNNCo and OpenDataSoft.


Aligned with the Newcastle Smart City Strategy, the aim was to develop a roadmap for creating a smarter and more innovative Newcastle and Hunter Region, and to maximise opportunities in sectors including technology, advanced manufacturing, the digital economy and the creative industries.


Ron Cruickshank, WSP Digital Sales Director, says, “This project is a first for Australia. WSP and the City undertook a global search for available systems and decided that designing a state-of-the-art system was the most effective path to deliver on the goals that Newcastle has set itself as a leading Smart City. It positions Newcastle at the forefront of the Smart City movement in Australia.”


In order to effectively analyse and optimise city services between Newcastle and other like-minded cities, WSP and the City of Newcastle will make the Smart City Intelligent Platform available to other cities in Australia.


For more information on the project, please contact Ron Cruickshank, WSP Digital.


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