Parental Leave Strengthened

In alignment with our strategic imperative to provide an environment for our people to deliver on their full potential, we’re happy to share the news of our recently upgraded parental leave guideline.

“We strive to support our people and their families in every way we can,” explains Faye Ingall, Head of HR Business Partnering. “There is nothing more important in a parent’s life than when they welcome a new child to the family. Our improved provisions are aimed at providing added flexibility and benefits to our people.”


Key Features

  • Access paid or unpaid parental leave after six months of service (as opposed to 12 months)
  • Use parental leave on a part-time basis
  • Have your superannuation paid for the time of your parental leave (up to 12 months)
  • Take two weeks of paid leave as the secondary care giver (instead of personal leave)


“There are many little ones already part of the collective WSP family, and several more on the way,” adds Faye. “We hope that all parents access the provisions as we appreciate and value our people – both personally and professionally.


“One of the biggest advantages of our new guideline is the access to up to 12 months of superannuation for primary care givers. With women historically taking more time out of the workforce for caregiving, they have often retired with far less superannuation than their male counterparts – with the imbalance as large as 47.8 per cent. As society and family structures evolve and men increasingly take up parental leave, we are helping to address inequality in the superannuation gap and support all genders with caregiving, so that our people are not disadvantaged in the future.


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