Powering Our Energy Expertise

Welcome to Cameron Buckley, our new Section Executive, Power & Energy in Victoria. He brings 20 years of experience in engineering consulting to the business with a solid grounding in renewables.

Commencing his career with a wind energy consultancy gave Cameron a thorough understanding of the complexities of wind farm construction, and sparked a passion for renewable energy which has stuck with him ever since.


He states, “Our role as engineers is to build good infrastructure, but we have to do this in a way that leaves the world a better place, both socially and ecologically. I like to think I bring this passion to both work and home. My daughters are becoming world-aware citizens and they already have a strong passion for the environment. It’s nice to have that alignment between passion and purpose in my work, and to be able to tell them how the WSP team contributes solutions to the challenges we are facing now and in the future.”


Cameron’s experience in wind energy includes numerous roles supporting developers, lenders and turbine manufacturers, with projects in the US, UK, Denmark and around Australia.


In addition, he has an extensive history in design delivery for transmission and distribution assets, most recently for the grid connection of Australia’s largest wind farm.


A Chartered Professional Engineer, Cameron was attracted to WSP due to our strong position in the renewable energy space, as well as the diverse and highly skilled national Power team.


Discussing his co-workers, Cameron says, “The team has a great level of engagement and I think it’s a key part of my role to maintain and build on the things that make WSP a great place to work.


“The energy sector has seen a lot of disruption and this has brought about great change and opportunity. Australia is at the cutting edge of renewables and there are some world leading projects on the horizon. The Power team at WSP has a strong market presence in all areas of renewables, and it is a privilege to be part of it.”


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