Pulling together to ‘help a mate out’ unites us when the going gets tough.


WSP’s Sean Kelly (third from the left) Chris Hiffernan (centre, back row) and Ben Shelton (back right) pictured with members from the RFS and Public Works Advisory


As the impacts of this year’s bushfire crisis continues to unfold, firefighters and everyday Australians have pulled together in the face of adversity to help not just a mate but also thousands of distraught animals and wildlife displaced by the destruction of their native habitats.


In conjunction with the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and Public Works Advisory, WSP’s Occupational Hygiene and Hazardous Materials teams in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra provided urgent asbestos risk assessments of the fire affected properties throughout the northern and mid-northern regions of NSW.



WSP’s Ben Shelton (second from the right) pictured with members from the RFS


Josh Trahair, Team Leader and Project Manager says, “By providing rapid assessment of over 1000 fire damaged properties in the region, our team’s ability to aid the recovery process was enhanced by our collaborative efforts with both internal and external stakeholders.”


“With our on-site teams mobilised in the field providing our laboratories in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra with urgent asbestos samples, we were able to upload our findings for review and action by Public Works Advisory.”


“Through this collaborative and expedited approach, the RFS and Public Works Advisory were able to prioritise the clean-up of fire damaged homes and provide guidance to minimise the risk of asbestos exposure to members of the community.”


“In many cases this has allowed members of the community to return to their homes with the risk of asbestos exposure adequately mitigated.”
The camaraderie and efforts by all members involved in the crisis received a generous show of support by Hollywood A-Lister, Russell Crowe who donated $100,000 to the fire brigades affected.



WSP’s, Sean Kelly (second from the left) pictured with Russell Crowe


He also donated a Rabbitohs cap for auction which was supported by Atlassian co-founder, Mike Cannon-Brooks, who pledged an extra $100,000 which was then matched by Qualtrics CEO, Ryan Smith, for a total of $400,000 for NSW RFS.



For more information on the bushfire efforts, please contact Josh Trahair.


NSW Rural Fire Service rely heavily on volunteers and accept financial contributions to aid their efforts. To donate the RFS or a local brigade visit this link.


If you need mental health support Beyond Blue are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1300 22 4636


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