Congratulations to Dr. Brody Clark on winning the Australian Roads Research Board (ARRB) 2019 Research Rising Star award for his work in solving a transportation-related problem in the past year.



Brody who is a chartered pavement engineer, hypothesised that road authorities could utilise recycled materials to enhance the sustainability of future and existing roads and took action. As part of his PhD thesis with the Queensland University of Technology, Brody conducted extensive testing on Recycled Asphalt Pavements (RAP) to determine the fatigue properties and usability.


RAP have received considerable interest from transport associations in recent years for economic, environmental and social reasons. Incorporating them into new infrastructure will reduce cost and the negative impact on the environment.


Brody’s extensive research and his ability to put it into practice resulted in him taking home the award at the annual ARRB Gala Dinner in Melbourne on 15 November 2019. As a leading source of independent expert transport knowledge, the ARRB has a reputation for scientific integrity as it strives to create knowledge for tomorrow’s transport challenges and solutions for today.


Clive Baker, ANZ Section Executive for Roads, Aviation and Civil says, “This is a wonderful achievement for Brody. His research on the use of RAP is aligned with WSP’s efforts to provide sustainable and Future Ready design solutions to clients. His achievement demonstrates our growing capability of our national pavement team. Congratulations Brody!”


Active in growing his sustainable engineering knowledge and developing his skills, Brody was recruited by WSP to join our Pavement Centre of Excellence and lead the Research and Development (RnD) section for the Australian pavement team. He has worked on small scale to major infrastructure projects and is spearheading the RnD field.


Brody led the pavement design for the Paramatta Light Rail in NSW to serve the growing Sydney community by connecting Westmead to Carlingford via the CBD. At the Level Crossing Removal Project’s Southern Program Alliance in Victoria, he led pavement design for the removal of seven level crossings to help improve connectivity and safety for the local community. This involved designing driveways, carparks, road realignment and more. Brody has applied his study on RAP to these projects, helping to create more sustainable and future ready communities.


Brody was a finalist in both the Young Professional Engineer of the Year and Emerging Leader Awards in 2019. He has published multiple papers from his studies, presenting his findings at the ICPEI 2018 20th International Conference on Pavement Engineering and Infrastructure in France.


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