Data to Help Drive Safer and More Reliable Roads

How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) improve road safety, efficiency and reliability?

In collaboration with Austroads, representatives from our digital team, Matthew Gallaugher and Arash Kaviani are exploring the complexities of applying disruptive technologies, such as AI and ML, to network operation processes, in a webinar tomorrow, Tuesday 16 July.


As our cities continue to densify, the increased congestion on our roads brings about a myriad of challenges to overcome in helping our communities to thrive. With our industry looking for new techniques to combat issues such as traffic incidents, road conditions and traffic behaviour, now more than ever new technologies are becoming more relevant, and it’s time to apply these future-focused solutions to road network operations.


Matthew Gallaugher, WSP’s Director of Strategic Projects says, “AI presents an opportunity to improve the current operational processes and create solutions previously not possible.”


“The application of these technologies can greatly assist with traffic planning, however, it’s integral that our industry understands the challenges and limitations of these technologies and data they can derive.”


Arash Kaviani, WSP’s Data Scientist says, “With increasing amounts of data, coupled with growing computational power and storage, the application of ML and AI, provides new opportunities in comparison to traditional modelling.”


“By developing, testing and deploying AI-enabled software and analytics to derive insights from data, we can identify patterns and features to empower transport agencies in making more informed decisions with transport planning.”


Matthew adds, “We’re already seeing cities around the world apply AI successfully to network operations, and using ML to inform data and insights. In these instances, the application of these technologies has improved traffic demand forecasting, enhanced the assessment of road conditions, improved driver behaviour monitoring, and helped with detecting and managing traffic incidents.”


“Our industry has a key role to play in future-proofing our roads, so we can ensure that road networks are safe, reliable and efficient for users.”


To find out more about how AI and ML can improve the performance of road network operations, click here to watch the Austroads webinar.


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