STEAMing to Power Our Tomorrow

Did you know that women make up for only 16 per cent of the total STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) working population and accounted for only one third of STEAM-related university graduates in Australia?

What if we can attract more women to STEAM and achieve balance?


At a recent event hosted by St Mary’s Anglican Girls School in Perth, WSP and our Pathways group (young professionals) were the major sponsors of their STEAMing Ahead initiative.


The fifth edition of the annual event was themed, ‘Protecting Sharks and our Marine World’ and brought together over 200 girls from 11 different primary schools. Through a series of interactive challenges targeting girls from years one to six, the events aim to sprout the aspiration of the future generation towards their pursuit in a STEAM career.


Rachel Cheung, our Perth Pathways Office lead says, “The activities were a real hit with the students. They were a fun way to show the diverse nature of STEAM and to highlight that it is more than the application of numbers. The event helped to demonstrate that our profession and industry are designed to challenge the status quo and create thriving communities.”


In a Thank You letter addressed to our Pathways group from St Marys Principal, Lynne Thomson, she says, “STEAMing Ahead is playing a part in addressing the gender gap in these fields, starting with girls at an early age. It is refreshing and encouraging to know that a firm like WSP is committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives like STEAMing Ahead that benefit the next generation.


“We are immensely grateful for WSP’s support in this programme.”


Along with Rachel, 6 other WSP young professionals, Wayne Lee, Charlie Chang, Georgia Lykogianni, Stuart Young, Gemma Kelly and Sunny Choi were heavily involved throughout the event. Rachel continues, “Our involvement in the event was centred around us wanting to make a difference and acknowledging that the current rate of female participation within STEAM needs to increase.


“By sharing our stories via a series of presentations and by hosting some fun and interactive challenges, we are actively inspiring change and encouraging some of these young girls to think about a future in a STEAM.”


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