Sydney Metro Makes its Mark at the Art Gallery of NSW

This morning, WSP welcomed a number of key industry clients to the Art Gallery of NSW to discuss the Sydney Metro project and the outcomes that investment in the rail corridor have had for the community.

Image Left – Right: WSP Client Director NSW & ACT, Phil Nicholls; Major Projects Director, Peter Richards; Rail Team Executive NSW, Sam McWlliam; Technical Executive Transport Advisory and Planning, Mary Haverland; together with CEO Sydney Metro, Dr Jon Lamonte.


CEO of Sydney Metro, Dr Jon Lamont led the discussion on planning our transport infrastructure for people and great places, and the opportunities that Sydney Metro has created so far.


WSP panellists Peter Richards, Major Project Director, Sam McWilliam, Rail Team Executive for NSW, and Mary Haverland, Technical Executive Transport Advisory and Planning also took to the stage to share parallels on similar international projects, the importance of a people and place framework, as well as the preliminary research on social and economic impacts for customers of the Sydney Metro.


The group then explored questions on how Sydney’s infrastructure projects could learn from the experience and provided their input on how to future-proof transport through solid placemaking.


Following the technical session, attendees were invited to a private viewing of the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prize Exhibition and reflect on some of the personal marks that project participants have made on Australia’s first driverless metro.


Stage one of Sydney Metro – Sydney Metro Northwest is set to open this weekend.


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