Environmental Experts Shed Light on the Future of Impact Assessments

Our people are helping to shape the debate at the 39th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) to be held in Brisbane on 29 April – 2 May.

Hosted by the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand, this event will focus on: Evolution or Revolution: Where Next for Impact Assessment. It will reflect on the history of impact assessments and highlight future opportunities.


Alex McDonald, Section Executive for Environment, Planning, and Stakeholder Engagement, says, “The IAIA Conference is a fantastic opportunity for our technical experts to showcase their insights and demonstrate our leadership in this space.


Impact assessments have obviously had a substantial influence on our communities, for our clients and on our natural habitats since they have become common practice. To see our people sharing their knowledge on topics that are closely related to the social aspect of impact assessments, means that they are reflecting our brand’s Guiding Principles, and holding themselves accountable in creating the communities of tomorrow.”


WSP’s experts will be presenting three separate abstracts:



Presenting Author

Social Impact Assessment of the Displacement of Vulnerable People

Social Procurement: Ticking the Box

Esther Diffey, Team Leader, Stakeholder Engagement and Ellen Buswell, Associate Stakeholder Engagement Consultant

Putting The 'Social' Back into Science: Quality Social Impact Assessment

Our Future World: Ready or Not? Assessing and managing social impacts in a changing world

Ceit Wilson, Social Performance Consultant. Coauthors include Naomi Cavanagh and David Symons

Country experiences with evolution in the energy sector and IA requirements

Planning approvals and environmental assessments for solar farms

Bronte Nixon, Principal Environmental Scientist/Planner


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