Victoria’s Transforming Their Environment Laws: Are You Ready for 2020?

Did you know Victoria’s environment protection laws are changing?

Taking effect from 1 July 2020, The Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 will introduce new laws and stringent duties that include the reporting and management of contaminated land. The changes will have wide-ranging implications and obligations for individuals and organisations who own, control or manage known or potentially contaminated land.


According to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, the legislation will enhance the protection of Victoria’s environment and human health through a more proportionate, risk-based environment protection framework that includes:

  • A preventative approach through a general environmental duty
  • Significant reforms to contaminated land and waste management
  • Increased maximum penalties including both criminal and civil charges
  • A tiered system of EPA permissions with risk based regulatory oversight
  • Requirements for more environmental information to be publicly available
  • Modernising and strengthening EPA’s compliance and enforcement powers.


Tim Dowle, Associate Director for Environment believes that the changes to the Act will better align the state of Victoria with the rest of the Australia. He says, “The new laws are arguably more stringent than those in other states, moreover they are significant in the fact that they represent a step change for Victoria by preventing waste and pollution impacts, rather than managing the impacts once they have occurred.”


WSP’s dedicated team of contaminated land experts is well equipped to help our clients navigate the new regulatory system in Victoria. A range of contaminated land risk management strategies are available, and these can be tailored based on the nature of the client’s property portfolio, land uses, risk profile and budgetary constraints.


To learn more about the changes and ways your organisation can get ready for 2020, please request a copy of our Client Factsheet or get in touch with one of our experts by clicking here.


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