Everyone has a Role to Play for a Sustainable Water Future

This year’s World Water Day theme is Water and Climate Change – and how the two are inextricably linked.

We know water is essential for life however extreme weather events are affecting water security, supply and quality. With increasing population and urbanisation, the demand for water is growing depleting natural resources and impacting the environment in many places.


Our Water group across Australia continues to support our long-term partner WaterAid to help communities gain access to clean water sources close to home, enabling women and children to spend more of their time going to school, seeking employment and improving the health and wellbeing of future generations. This year, our team has proudly raised funds for WaterAid’s Walk for Water Challenge.


Recent drought and bushfire events in Australia have us questioning how we are going to build back better. What do we do when extreme events occur – bushfires, drought, heavy flooding? How do we future proof our water supply systems?


“Climate change is a threat to our natural water cycle with impacts on urban water supply, agricultural sector and natural ecosystems,” says Marina Maxwell, WSP’s Team Manager, Water Treatment. “As an industry, we need to improve the ways at which we’re looking at water resilience, we need to be diversifying our water sources and exploring other water source options including desalination, aquafer recharge and indirect potable re-use. We also need to look beyond the immediate costs and identify broader benefits such as environmental, social and climatic ones to support more holistic solutions to be implemented.”


Many of our water utility clients are now undertaking new approaches to address water scarcity challenges. Some include alternative water supplies and others are focusing on bring community along on the journey, educating about the water cycle and how water is treated and moving their potable water demand to recycled water. Our team is working on some of Australia’s largest water planning and infrastructure delivery programs with Sydney Water, Logan City Council, TasWater, SA Water, City of Gold Coast, Urban Utilities and Hunter Water. Read more about how together, we can build a more resilient and sustainable water future here in our Resilience Series.


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