Craig Faull Appointed Director of Environment

Congratulations to Craig Faull on his recent appointment as Director of Environment in Australia, where he oversees hundreds of projects focused on improving environmental outcomes for our clients and the communities we serve.

In his previous role, Craig ran our national Contaminated Land Management and Environmental Health and Safety business lines, from a base in our Melbourne office. He brings more than 20 years of industry experience to the role with the last decade at WSP working closely with our key clients.


Guy Templeton, President & CEO of WSP in Australia & NZ says, “Our clients are increasingly seeking expert support in dealing with environmental considerations and challenges. These range from the preparation of robust environmental impact statements, protecting our flora and fauna, resolving contamination issues, and ensuring that workplaces are safe and healthy.


“His promotion is testament to the dedication he has displayed to his clients and to our firm for many years. Having excelled in his previous roles, including as the Acting Director of Environment since February, his ability to inspire and lead our team of environmental professionals to deliver valuable solutions for our clients sets him apart for this role.”


With a career that began in the gold exploration and geotechnical field, Craig’s passion to create healthier environments moved him into the contaminated land area. He says, “We have made good progress in the past decade towards more sustainable environmental management practices in this country. It’s a very rewarding time to be helping our clients by informing their developments to preserve and improve our environment, finding ways to use and re-use our resources, and build safe and future ready infrastructure to support places where our communities can thrive.


“In the immediate term, our challenge is to help our clients navigate the post-COVID world. Looking further ahead, our Future Ready program provides the lens for our multi-disciplinary team of technical experts to advise on resilient solutions that are both ready for today and for the future, particularly as we face more severe weather and challenges such as bushfires, floods and pandemics.


“It is our ability to harness this strategic shift in Future Ready thinking that’s providing a point of difference for WSP in the market. It’s also paving the way for the digital transformation of the Environment sector.


“We are at a critical junction where technology is helping us make better decisions for the benefit of our communities. We have already started creating new tools that improve the way we work; however, I’m a firm believer that how we collect, collate, interpret and communicate the data we gather for our clients will form an integral part of our service offering.


“As we aim to capitalise on what has already been a strong start to 2020, I’m excited to lead in this new wave of thinking within our team.”


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