The Next Stop to Customer Connectivity is in Adelaide

Data analytics and automation are driving deeper insights into accessibility and connectivity outcomes for our public transport projects; helping us to forecast what the future may look like and supporting agile planning.


Recently, it was announced that private operator Busways will be delivering bus service contracts to provide better, faster and more frequent services for residents in outer South Adelaide. It’s the first entry for NSW company Busways in the South Australian market.


Busways engaged us during the tender phase to provide our transport planning and data analytics capabilities to help identify transport challenges and customer needs, and support development of their bus network and service offer – this included application of the WSP Customer Connectivity Tool.


WSP’s Customer Connectivity Tool measures how well the public transport network and services work to meet customer needs for access to jobs, education, shopping centres and universities, and provides a clear framework for route and service improvements.


Andrew Leedham, Technical Executive WSP says, “The digital tool highlights how far people can travel in the network within different time budgets such as 30 or 60 minutes, and takes into account actual public transport schedules, access to stops and stations by walking and cycling, customer waiting times and transfers, as well as walks to final destinations.


“It’s enabling us to anticipate what future accessibility challenges might look like for communities in Adelaide and compare the performance of public transport options, from the customer’s perspective.


“More broadly by using this tool, our technical specialists are able to help our clients make more informed decisions about strategically planning public transport networks. This enables them to maximise benefits for end users and provide robust metrics on how well public transport options actually serve the city.”


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