Josh Loyd Wins Big at the CSIRO Indigenous STEM Awards

Congratulations to WSP’s Josh Loyd, a Senior Consultant in our Infrastructure Advisory business, for winning the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander STEM Professional Early Career Award from the CSIRO.

Established in 2016, the accolades recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander STEM professionals, students, mentors and teachers who have made a significant contribution to key initiatives and for their work in Indigenous STEM education.


“It is extremely humbling to be announced as an award winner,” said Josh. The win also positions him as a STEM Ambassador through 2020.


A proud Wajarri Yamatji man who grew up in Margaret River Western Australia – Josh strongly believes that Indigenous traditional knowledge and approaches will be the bedrock for addressing critical issues like climate change and declining biodiversity.


There are over 370 million First Nations people around the world with intimate knowledge of traditional practices, that can offer a diversity of perspective essential to solving our most complex problems.


As a passionate advocate for Indigenous STEM participation, Josh is involved in many initiatives such as the Brisbane based Science and Infrastructure Development (SID) School, Indigenous Specialist Services and CSIRO work experience program.


According to Josh, “Programs like SID School and CSIRO Work Experience Program are developing the future leaders capable of translating this knowledge into modern innovations.”


“At WSP we are challenged to stay curious, act locally and think globally. This really resonates with me and my passion for incorporating Indigenous Australian knowledge and perspectives into our built environment projects.”


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