Managing Trends 50 Years into the Future

We are excited to welcome back to the firm, Jereme Evans, as Technical Executive – Strategic Risk Management in our Advisory, Environment and Digital team.

“Jereme’s appointment is a strategic hire for our team as we strive to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service,” says Alana Newbrook, our Director for Advisory and Regional Director for Sydney. “In a year full of uncertainty where bushfires, droughts, floods and a global health pandemic have tested the resilience of our communities, we anticipate demand for our capabilities to increase as clients increasingly seek to be future ready by understanding the risks and opportunities to their operations.”


Jereme’s portfolio will consist of working with our clients to manage major macro trends and how they will likely be impacted over the next 10-50 years. He says, “This is an exciting space to be advising clients on because it is diverse, future focused and -extremely topical for everyone.”


Macro trends or what WSP considers Future Ready trends consist of a wide range of societal implications which include contemporary advancements in technology such as big data and future mobility as well as the most pressing challenge of our times, climate change. The broader implications of these trends need to be considered as they lead to secondary impacts causing wide spread uncertainty and disrupt the way we live, work and play.


Historically strategic risk management has been undertaken by assessing topical concerns or performing ‘what-if’ analysis. WSP provides clients with a methodical approach to identifying and assessing notable strategic risks, furthering our position of contributing to our client’s immediate and long-term success.



Jereme adds, “Recently, we’ve been seeing the rising influence of the community in the decision-making process of governments and corporations. As the community’s voice grows louder, so too does the level of expectation for them to be socially responsible citizens. As a result, corporations are taking their social responsibility more seriously by becoming more risk conscious and looking at practical approaches that benefit all stakeholders.


“We need look no further than the events of 2020 where the realisation of global trends from simmering social issues to changes in mobility were laid bare and have brought upon systemic change in the way we all operate.


“It is my purpose to help our clients understand these trends and the potential disruptions that may result and identify strategies now so that they can prepare for the future.”


Jereme returns to the firm after stints in the Middle East and a role within the aviation industry.


For more information about Strategic Risk Management, please contact Jereme here.


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