Modelling Future Trends in Transport Planning and Places at AITPM 2020

With the new challenges we are facing as a society, there has never been a better time for the industry to come together to explore the best ways to future proof transport planning.

This month, three WSP speakers will present at the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management (AITPM) 2020 Online Conference Series, where they will explore the changing world of transport and traffic planning and modelling.


Scott Ney, Planning & Mobility National Executive with WSP says that it’s vital that the industry reflects on preparing for a rapidly changing future.


“In 2020, the transport industry and our whole society has been presented with major change as a result of the global pandemic. New trends are emerging, mode preferences are changing, travel patterns are evolving, and people are reconsidering whether they need to live close to cities.


“The way we plan places is changing as we take a more holistic view as to what people want and need. Some of the things we’re seeing emerge includes active transport becoming a more popular focus for our cities, and new technology such as drones and aerial vehicles offering potential to aid the long-term economic prosperity, particularly in our regions.


“At this year’s AITPM conference, we’re excited to be able to share some of our knowledge and experience dealing with these emerging trends, as well as how the role of transport planners will need to change to deliver the best outcome for communities in the short- and long-term future.”


The AITPM Online Conference Series kicked off on 20 July 2020 and will run till 28 August 2020. It is made up of a series of webinars and Live Q&A Sessions with key industry speakers. WSP experts participating in the program include:




  • Michael Oliver (banner, right) – Modelling Active Transport Networks for Pedestrians (Speaker)
  • Graham Pointer (above, right) – Future Ready Transport Planning (Speaker)
  • Callan Stirzaker (banner, left) - Modelling in the New Age: The effects of Uber, AV and Drones (Speaker)
  • Erin Thomas (above, middle), Associate Traffic Engineer (Conference Convenor)
  • Alexander Ye (above, left), Graduate Transport Engineer (South Australian Young Professional Award winner)


Congratulations also to Callan Stirzaker, Rafid Morshedi and John Trieu whose work on Conceptual Modelling of Drones was announced as one of the three winners for the 2020 AITPM Excellence Awards.


Please see the AITPM website for more information.


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