Tailor Made Healthcare

Congratulations to our Property and Buildings team who have secured one of the largest hospital projects in Australia, the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, as part of the Integrated Global Health Engineers (IGHE) consortium.

With WSP as the lead contractor, the IGHE consortium is comprised of BCA Consulting, Irwinconsult, a WSP company, Lucid Consulting Australia and Waterman Consulting Engineers.


This world-class hospital will give South Australian families access to the most advanced hospital care, technology and medical research for many years to come.


During the tender stage, we developed a very robust process, ensuring that no stone was left unturned.


Matthew Salisbury, Regional Director SA/NT, says “At the very start of the bidding process, we decided to build something from the ground up that’s absolutely tailored for this project. We didn’t want to just take our standard pro forma document and repeat it. We wanted to demonstrate our understanding of the scope and design a future ready solution.”


At WSP, we are locally dedicated with international scale and boast an industry leading, global healthcare network to draw expertise from. Harnessing the power of our connections, we tapped into the experience of Kevin Cassidy, National Healthcare Lead at WSP in Canada, and Doug Lacy, Senior Project Manager at our Dallas healthcare office in Texas, USA.


“As one of the largest health projects being delivered in the country, it requires a large team with a vast array of specialisations,” says Matthew. “IGHE firmly believes that it is the people, not corporations, who deliver projects in collaboration.”


The consortium was appointed to the project earlier this year and will deliver all engineering design for the project including; structural, civil, façade, sustainability, acoustics, ICT and MEP (with sub-consultant input); and with responsibility for project management and governance, WSP will be playing a major role.


“We’re in the very early planning stages, but this will likely be the largest project for WSP’s Property & Buildings business in Australia,” Matt concluded.


“We couldn’t have won it without the combined efforts of our local and global healthcare teams, and I have no doubt that, continuing to work collectively, we will deliver a superb project that will enhance community outcomes.”


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