Toby Horstead Strengthens Strategic Asset Management Capabilities

We are pleased to welcome Toby Horstead to the position of Principal Asset Management Consultant for WSP in Australia. Recognised for his whole-of-life approach to asset management and for leading the development and management of network and asset strategies for the Asset Standards Authority within Transport for NSW (TfNSW), Toby will help the firm broaden its advisory offering.

Currently a Director on the board of the Asset Management Council, Toby is passionate about developing systems that assures infrastructure whole life costs and performance. He says “It is most rewarding to see growth in the asset management culture of organisations and to provide sustainable and enduring improvements to their system for managing assets. It will be key for organisations to focus on resilience, digital applications, data and life cycle decision making as we transition from response to recovery in a post-COVID economy.


Toby brings more than 20 years of expertise to the firm in developing strategic solutions to asset management challenges across multiple sectors, where he has provided asset management leadership, assessment, artefacts and implementation for transport, property, housing, justice and health projects.


Toby has a strong portfolio of experience across both the public and private sectors – some of his notable achievements include developing asset management strategies for TfNSW, as well as providing guidance and review of the asset management frameworks for Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services. Through his wide range of roles, from digital systems through to rail coordination, Toby offers a diverse skillset in holistic asset management for our clients.


Alana Newbrook, General Manager of Advisory says, “As our public and private sector clients have gone through a period of increasing capital investment in infrastructure assets, now more than ever, they need to maximise efficiency and see returns from these investments. Investing in our Strategic Asset Management team will give us greater capacity to work with our clients to balance the risk, performance and cost across their portfolios.


“Toby brings that strategic level approach, which can be integrated with new technologies and approaches that support better investment decision making such as data analytics, geospatial mapping and augmented reality. His passion for the discipline and his abilities to elevate asset management was a real attraction for us and our team. Through Toby we look forward to providing our future ready expertise into the Asset Management Council and the communities in which we operate.”


Based in Sydney, Toby commenced his role with WSP on 25 May 2020, where he will contribute nationally to our asset management capability across all sectors.


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