450 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

A 70-storey residential tower standing on a 1000m² street corner site in central Melbourne, 450 Elizabeth Street is an iconic residential development.


  • Melbourne, Australia


  • Hengyi Australia

Project Status

  • Due for completion in 2018


Known as ‘The Lighthouse’, 450 Elizabeth Street comprises 610 apartments with communal facilities including a pool and a gymnasium. It also has an automated car parking system located in the podium.


Elegance and Performance

The slender building has an undulating façade and appears to turn on its own central axis. WSP developed a close working relationship with the architect, Elenberg Fraser, to optimise the structure during the schematic design phase. A key factor to the efficiency of the core was the use of outrigger walls at discrete levels to link the central concrete core to perimeter columns.

Considerable effort was also put into aligning columns up the height of the building, using elongated blade columns to transition column locations rather than costly transfer beams and leading to considerable savings in material costs and time during construction on site.


Structural Features

  • Central reinforced concrete core with outrigger walls at discrete levels tying perimeter columns into the stability system
  • Full post-tensioned flat slabs to all typical floor levels
  • Undulating façade requires changes to structural floor slabs at every level
  • Optimised column layout coordinated with architect to remove transfer structures
  • Single large diameter bored pier footings to support columns minimising basement excavation and costly pile-cap beams
  • Tuned liquid column dampers on the roof to reduce building movement