Nyamwamba Power Station

Helping the local community to thrive with clean energy generation.


Project Status

  • Completed 2018

Nyamwamba is a run-of-river hydropower plant with a planned capacity of 9.2 MW. Based in the Kasese district in Western Uganda, the project harnesses the potential of the Nyamwamba River, which is fed by glacial water from the 5,200 m Rwenzori Mountain range.


Lenders’ Technical Advisor

WSP has been involved in the Nyamwamba project since 2009 when our expert hydropower team conducted the first due diligence visit to the site. Most recently, we have been the Lenders’ Technical Advisor, acting on behalf of the Dutch development bank, FMO.


Our Lenders’ Technical Advisor role is wide-ranging and includes:

  • Advice on the environmental and social aspects to manage reputational risk
  • Compliance benchmarking to World Bank Safeguards and Policies or the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards
  • Advice on social aspects relating to land acquisitions and Livelihood Restoration Programmes for persons affected by the project
  • Regular site visits to check the progress of the works and the general operations on site


Powering the Local Community

The construction started in 2015 after the project experienced significant delays due to flooding, which damaged access infrastructure and required the redesign of the scheme. In August 2018, the Vice President of Uganda officially opened Nyamwamba, which has already generated more energy than predicted. The full technical completion requires higher river flows to test its full performance. This is expected to occur before the end of 2018.


The power generated by Nyamwamba is intended for use by the town of Kasese, which is 13 km northeast of Kilembe.

9.2 MW 9.2 MW