Rail Link Economic and Business Impact Assessment

Our work demonstrated the overall economic benefit of a proposed new passenger rail line in South West Sydney.


  • Canberra, Australia

Project Status

  • Completed in 2006

The Transport Infrastructure and Development Corporation (a former government agency now subsumed into Transport for New South Wales) commissioned WSP to complete a business and economic impact assessment for the South West Rail Link. The proposed 12 km passenger rail line was to run from Glenfield to Leppington in Sydney’s rapidly-expanding South West.


The key features of the proposed rail link included:

  • A new twin track rail line
  • Two new railway passenger stations at Leppington and Edmondston Park
  • An upgrade of Glenfield station
  • The development of a train stabling facility


Our detailed regional economic and business impact assessment formed part of an Environmental Impact Assessment.


Comprehensive Approach 

To prepare the economic impact assessment, we:

  • Reviewed key economic indicators in South West Sydney
  • Analysed the macroeconomic significance of the rail link
  • Assessed key regional economic impacts


To complete the business impact assessment, we:

  • Reviewed key business indicators in South West Sydney
  • Conducted a survey to identify businesses affected by the construction and operation of the new rail corridor and surrounding neighbourhoods
  • Assessed the anticipated positive and negative impacts of constructing and operating the rail link on businesses identified in the business survey


As part of this assessment, we also had to review the implications and potential impacts of the rail link on the hierarchy of centres established through the New South Wales Government’s Metropolitan Strategy.


Key Achievements 

Our impact assessment provided the client with the expected impacts of constructing and operating the new rail link. We had identified the sources, types, and direction of potential economic impact, along with a clear account of the overall economic benefits associated with the project.


In 2008, the New South Wales Government decided to construct the rail link in two stages. Stage one centred on Glenfield Station and stage two on extending the railway line. In 2015, the South West Rail Link started offering passenger services. Since then, Transport for New South Wales has investigated extending this rail corridor as part of their Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study.