Taoyuan International Airport - Terminal 3

Beyond a transportation centre, Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 3 is a green building, expected to become Taiwan’s new landmark as well as provide entertainment and leisure.


  • Taiwan


  • Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Ltd

Project Status

  • Ongoing

Preparing for Growth in a Smart Way

With an expected increase from 35 million passengers in 2014 to 60 million in 2030, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation (TIAC) is launching a €1.4 billion expansion scheme for Terminal 3.


We operate as general consultant for the Terminal 3 project and provide master planning and program management services, in a joint venture with Netherlands Airport Consultants B.V. (NACO) and T.Y. Lin International.

370,000 m² 370,000 m²
Commercial Complex
100,000 m² 100,000 m²
385,000 m² 385,000 m²

Becoming an Airport City

The Terminal 3 project is Taiwan’s most important construction project and also the flagship of the Taoyuan Aerotropolis Plan, which will include a new terminal building, concourses, multi-functional building, energy center, and aprons on the south, north, and west of the new terminal.


The Terminal 3 project involves the design and construction of a third terminal which will connect to Terminal 2. A ground transportation centre, car park and commercial real estate will be built between the two terminals. Also included is the development of the:

  • Baggage handling concept
  • Air traffic forecast
  • Commercial planning
  • Master plans for aviation fuel and storm water drainage


In addition, the work comprises a taxiway relocation, road system expansion and apron area creation. The terminals will include regional light rail system stations.