By integrating sustainable building services with subtropical architecture, we have helped to create a thriving learning hub.


  • Queensland, Australia

Project Value

  • AU $12.5 million

Project Status

  • Completed 2006


  • 2008 Institute of Architects (QLD) Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture
  • 2008 Institute of Architects (QLD) Harry S Marks Award for Sustainable Architecture
  • 2008 Institute of Architects (QLD) Public Architecture Award


Prioritising patients at the Sunshine Coast university private hospital 


The University of the Sunshine Coast’s new building, which includes a lecture theatre, café, offices, and multiple teaching spaces, is pivotal to the central precinct of the campus. The Chancellery features a number of sustainability initiatives that minimise the building’s carbon footprint and maximise flexibility and comfort for its occupants.


Sustainable Design

Our specialist team designed the services for The Chancellery with flexibility, sustainability and comfort in mind. The building features a highly efficient displacement air conditioning system for the theatre, which delivers even low velocity and draught-free air at comfortable temperatures to all areas. This greatly reduces air movement noise factors.


For the teaching spaces and staff offices, we designed mixed-mode or user-choice air conditioning systems. This enables individual selection of artificial or natural modes of cooling. During eight months of the year in the Sunshine Coast climate, most people are comfortable with ambient conditions and 100 per cent fresh air.


All the light fittings we used in the building have high-efficiency control gear and high output lamps with local micro-control strategies. To further minimise the energy footprint of the Chancellery building, we tapped into the greater efficiencies of the campus central energy plant.


Valuable Outcomes

The Chancellery is a thriving learning hub and has won awards for its environmentally sustainable design.