Waste-to-Energy Plant, Western Australia

Using proven technology and extensive global expertise to engineer the nation’s first waste-to-energy plant.


  • Western Australia, Australia



  • Energy Management and Efficiency
  • Infrastructure Advisory
  • Waste Management and Landfill
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Project Value

  • AU $400 million

Project Status

  • Due for completion in 2020

Waste-to-energy projects are an opportunity for our cities to limit the household waste going to landfill, thereby reducing their environmental impact and contributing to meeting their own energy needs.


Transitioning to a Sustainable Future

In Australia, construction of the first waste-to-energy facility is due to start in 2018 in Western Australia. The project will divert 400,000 tonnes per annum of waste from landfill and generate approximately 40 megawatts of energy.


To demonstrate how our cities could use household waste as fuel to generate reliable power we have created this short animation.


The technology for waste-to-energy conversion has been around for decades and has been thoroughly road-tested in thousands of plants around the world. Europe and Asia currently have approximately 450 and over 1500 waste-to-energy plants respectively.


Leading the Way

Our team has provided engineering support for the West Australian project. We have extensive global expertise in the waste-to-energy field and for many years, we have acted as technical advisor to governments and project developers throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Projected Capacity
40 MW