Bridging the worlds of science and research and the facilities that are needed to perform this important work is the mandate of our Science practice. We have developed unsurpassed expertise in creating specialised and unique facilities needed by government, academia and the private sector for research, testing and evaluation at the highest levels.

Engineering Science Spaces

Over the past several decades, our team has had a hand in developing some of the world’s most complex research environments. Many of these facilities remain benchmarks within their class. We have pioneered and integrated many advanced engineering concepts and technologies that are currently utilised successfully in facilities around the globe. 


Our engineers have become experts through extensive training and considerable interaction with the end-users in order to fully understand how a building needs to function before developing initial concepts. We understand that engineering a facility requires a thorough knowledge of our clients' businesses and the support infrastructure they require to make groundbreaking discoveries, develop sophisticated new cures and instruct scientists of the future.


Our experience with sophisticated Research and Development (R&D) and manufacturing facilities includes biocontainment, chemical and bio-research facilities; Class 10,000, 1,000, and 100 clean rooms; nanotechnology and materials sciences; biomedical research; chemistry and biology; analytical and electronics; sequencing; robotics; containment facilities; scale-up labs; vivarium and support space; and marine and aquaria facilities.


The ability to understand and interpret the scientific mission of our clients allows us to achieve the best and most innovative design and engineering solutions to safely operate the facilities, meet or exceed requirements, and optimise the sophisticated technologies and systems needed to achieve their scientific programs.


Our team members are dedicated to ongoing research and innovation, and are frequently called upon as experts for peer reviews, development of regulatory policy and best practices. We have staff dedicated to our science and technology practice so that we can begin projects immediately, and support them well throughout their life span. Given the international nature of our work, we can quickly deploy teams and work seamlessly in new environments and cultures.