WSP designs and manages water tunnel solutions that optimise the transportation of water and wastewater to support the liveability of our cities and communities.

Putting Our Experience to Work for You

WSP designs and manages the construction of water-supply tunnels, aqueducts, CSO tunnels and offshore outfalls, and deep shafts in all ground conditions. Our experience includes geotechnical investigations and assessments, ground improvement, and tunneling design, including TBM, SEM and micro-tunneling, tunnelling in gassy or contaminated ground, and seismic engineering to keep water tunnels operable in the event of earthquakes or other disasters.

WSP offers complete advisory services for developing water conveyance systems, including planning, design, and construction management services. Our extensive experience includes the design and construction management of water and wastewater conveyance tunnels, pipelines, pump stations, flow control facilities, shafts, and special structures related to water and wastewater conveyance.