Business Advisory

In today’s economy, staying competitive and managing infrastructure and property assets efficiently is challenging. You need access to in-depth data, international benchmarks and best practices to enhance decision-making and protect your interests.

Strategic Insights 

WSP is a leader in the design and delivery of infrastructure. We provide front-end consulting and management services to clients that procure, develop, manage, finance, and invest in infrastructure and property assets. 


Our multidisciplinary teams of strategists, economists, business advisers, commercial specialists, and project and program managers, add value by applying their unparalleled understanding of the strategic, economic, risk, operational and maintenance aspects of projects, and the surrounding regulatory environments. 


Our solutions for clients are also optimised by our thorough appreciation of the drivers that sustain the core sectors of transportation, property and buildings, power, water and resources. We provide both a local understanding of the sector and offer international benchmarks and best practice solutions through our extensive worldwide experience. 


In our planning and community development work, we advocate strategies to create vibrant, liveable communities. In the power and energy sector, we contribute to the development of renewable energy sources and the reduction of emissions associated with traditional power generation. For commercial, residential, and institutional buildings, we design ‘green’ systems that conserve energy and other natural resources. Our work in transportation planning and design encourages the development of communities that offer a full range of economic, social, and recreational opportunities. We advise clients, including government agencies, on strategies to reduce carbon emissions and to address climate variability.


Overall, we help our clients find the right solutions to their challenges through innovative planning and design, deep knowledge of the federal and local regulatory environments, and an understanding of the alternative delivery mechanisms available.