Our understanding of geological structures, materials and processes, ground structure interaction, and construction technologies – combined with the systematic application of investigative, scientific, engineering, and risk management techniques – provide practical solutions to ground related issues. 


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WSP is known for its in-depth understanding of ground behaviour – both soil and rock – and the influence of groundwater conditions on design and construction.

Our geotechnical teams work in close coordination with planners, structural and civil engineers. They are typically involved in all aspects of a project from early planning studies through to the construction phase, as well as the inspection and rehabilitation of existing facilities. This approach provides continuity, and allows for the inter-disciplinary collaboration that is essential to the successful delivery of complex projects.


Specialty Services

Geotechnical engineering is a fundamental component of infrastructure and building projects, including work for tunnels, bridges, buildings, transport facilities, ports and offshore structures, mines, airports, water and power infrastructure.


WSP provides clients with a comprehensive range of specialty geotechnical services required for the planning, design, and implementation of ground engineering projects, as well as the management of ground risks associated with all infrastructure projects. 


Some of the specialty services provided by our teams include: geotechnical subsurface investigations, structure foundations – such as deep foundations, shallow foundations, testing, supervision, and review, and building foundations – marine and offshore structures, tunnels, caverns and shafts, earth retaining structures, ground improvement, slopes and landslides, embankments, groundwater modelling and dewatering, deep excavations, pavements, earthquake engineering, soil and rock mechanics, numerical analyses, and forensic investigations.


Geotechnical Instrumentation

WSP has extensive experience with geotechnical instrumentation monitoring programs. Our key objective is to monitor and assess the response of ground and groundwater in existing conditions and throughout construction activities, compare the data against design limits, and identify any potential problems. Instrumentation programs are used to monitor ground and structure displacements, groundwater levels, ground vibrations, and stresses in temporary and permanent structural elements during and after construction, allowing rapid implementation of appropriate remedial measures before damage occurs.


Geotechnical instrumentation is particularly important for tunnel and other underground projects, during excavation for tunnel structures in an urban setting, during installation of pile and drilled shaft foundations, and for assessing the performance of preloading and other ground improvement measures.


Geotechnical Services for Mining

WSP provides geotechnical investigation, design, and construction services for mine infrastructure development. Our services extend from feasibility through detailed design, and lender technical advisor services related to access and haul roads, foundations for drag line equipment, conveyors, buildings, roadway and railway bridges, construction material investigations, slope stability assessment, and embankment engineering. We provide services for underground and open pit mines, and quarries. Our team also investigates mining-induced ground subsidence, and develops post-mining treatment measures.