Geotechnics and Ground Engineering

Having a comprehensive understanding of geotechnics and ground behaviour is fundamental to building robust and resilient infrastructure.

WSP is globally recognised for our experience working in complex ground conditions,  understanding the influence of groundwater conditions and managing risks to design and construction.


We provide practical solutions to ground-related issues by backing our investigative, scientific and risk management techniques with our expertise in geological structures, materials and processes, ground structure interaction and construction technologies.


Our geotechnical teams have a deep understanding of both soil and rock behavior, and work closely alongside planners, structural and civil engineers from the early project planning stages through to construction, inspection and rehabilitation of existing facilities. This creates continuity of project knowledge and supports the multidisciplinary collaboration that is essential to delivering complex infrastructure.


Specialty Services

Specialty services provided by our teams include: geotechnical subsurface investigations, structure foundations – such as deep foundations, shallow foundations, testing, supervision, and review, and building foundations – marine and offshore structures, tunnels, caverns and shafts, earth retaining structures, ground improvement, slopes and landslides, embankments, groundwater modelling and dewatering, deep excavations, pavements, earthquake engineering, soil and rock mechanics, numerical analyses, and forensic investigations.


Clients benefit from our extensive experience with geotechnical instrumentation monitoring programs, and geotechnical investigation, design and construction services across a diverse portfolio which includes:

  • Leveraging 2D and 3D modelling to gain approvals for a 39 m deep, city-block sized excavation to accommodate residential, commercial and public city infrastructure on 88 Christie St
  • Ground engineering for Australia’s largest urban renewal projectat Green Square
  • Managing impacts of construction and stability of two heritage listed tunnels for the Hunter Expressway
  • Navigating complex ground conditions including basalt, siltstone and sandstone to construct Auckland’s largest road tunnels for the Waterview Connection project
  • Providing a reliable approach for tunnel groundwater control that supported early approvals and widespread community acceptance on Epping to Chatswood Rail Line
  • Developing an integrated geological model to manage critical design risk in Sydney Harbour – an area with very little previous geotechnical information. For the first time on a project, a 13 tonne sonic drill rig was used over water to drill 30 m below sea level as part of geotechnical investigations.