Transforming public spaces into an inviting network of places where the community feels connected and engaged is key to driving the liveability of cities. By putting people at the centre of our approach, we create sustainable places that promote health and wellbeing, connectivity and interactivity.

From generating economic growth in regional areas to managing city street environments, and creating a strong cultural identity for local communities - a lot goes into creating great places for people to thrive now and into the future.


WSP brings strategic global insights and experience from a range of sectors, working collaboratively with our local clients and partners across all stages of the project lifecycle to deliver place-based planning and design solutions.


We adopt a people-centric lens to ensure our cities and regions are future ready, accessible and well-planned. Our goal is to ensure we deliver sustainable growth while also respecting the existing character and uniqueness of our urban centres along with the cultural identity of Australia’s diverse indigenous communities.


We know that our cities and regional centres will change over time. Our climate is getting hotter and drier, with extreme weather events like floods and bushfires becoming more prevalent and intense, all while our population is increasing and getting older. How we use technology and integrate systems like the circular economy to manage these changes will have a material impact on the liveability of our places for people.


In Australia, WSP has led a multi-agency Future Ready planning workshop for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Precinct. We challenged stakeholders to think innovatively about planning, systems and mobility within the Aerotropolis. Similarly at Fishermans Bend (VIC) and Westmead (NSW) Innovation districts we collaborated with key stakeholders to deliver community focussed place outcomes. In doing so, we facilitated conversations about key trends impacting our cities to align government agencies and plan through this future ready lens.


We have played key roles in the development of a number of place-focussed planning initiatives including NSW’s Future Transport 2056 and place-based future transport strategies for Greater Penrith and Liverpool, along with precinct and district planning in Adelaide and Melbourne. We have also played a role in bringing Special Activation Precincts to life in regional NSW.


Our services include all aspects of growth management as well as the entire range of planning and design services for community development and civic infrastructure – regional and comprehensive planning, urban design, transit-oriented development, transit and landscape architecture, station area planning and design, brownfield redevelopment, and corridor planning and design.


WSP are global leaders in applying the movement and place framework – the strategic approach to better describe, plan and manage successful journeys and great places for all customers in our movement corridors. The framework recognises streets as vital places for communities and the need to integrate land use and transport planning.


Our experienced engineers, planners and advisers work on projects of all scales – from multi-jurisdictional policy planning to detailed streetscape and the design of public spaces.


Together, our multidisciplinary team of experts help our clients to create great places for people to live, work, learn, play and visit.