Transforming public spaces into an inviting network of places where the community feels connected and engaged is key to driving the liveability of cities. By putting people at the centre of our approach, WSP creates unique spaces that promote health and wellbeing, connectivity and interactivity as well as sustainability.

As our cities become increasingly complex due to unprecedented environmental challenges, we are called to think innovatively about how we can plan for resilient cities of the future.


WSP understands the importance of ensuring our cities are future-ready, sustainable and well-planned, whilst also respecting the existing character and uniqueness of our urban centres. Supported by greater industry demand for strategic led planning outcomes, WSP delivers place-based planning solutions through observing our urban environment through a people-centric lens in order to meet the needs of our existing and future communities.


Through leveraging our global and national multidisciplinary expertise, WSP uses transportation and land-use as the catalyst to drive the regeneration of our urban centres, whilst also respecting the established context of place. Locally, WSP has led a multi-agency Future Ready planning workshop for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Precinct. WSP’s technical expertise and thought leadership challenged participants to think innovatively about planning, systems and mobility within the Aerotropolis. In doing so, WSP facilitated conversations about mega trends and technologies affecting our cities, as well as the concepts of ‘Future Ready’ and ‘Smart City’, to align government agencies and plan through this lens.


Our services include all aspects of growth management as well as the entire range of planning and design services for community development and civic infrastructure – regional and comprehensive planning, urban design, transit-oriented development, transit and landscape architecture, station area planning and design, brownfield redevelopment, and corridor planning and design. Our experienced engineers, planners and advisers work on projects of all scales – from multi-jurisdictional policy planning to detailed streetscape and the design of public spaces.


WSP designs connected and dynamic precincts through a coordinated delivery approach, with community and stakeholders at the centre of our approach, in order to improve mobility and deliver sustainable communities where people want to live, visit and work.