Transforming public spaces into an inviting network of places where the community feels connected and engaged is key to driving the liveability of cities. By putting people at the centre of our approach, WSP creates unique spaces that promote health and wellbeing, connectivity and interactivity as well as sustainability.



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Connecting and Inspiring Communities

WSP provides an integrated approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces using the link between transportation and land use as a catalyst for community revitalisation. 

We understand the importance of establishing a ‘sense of place’ for people through the human-centric design and development of infrastructure. 

Our services include all aspects of growth management as well as the entire range of planning and design services for community development and civic infrastructure – regional and comprehensive planning, urban design, transit-oriented development, transit and landscape architecture, station area planning and design, brownfield redevelopment, and corridor planning and design. Our experienced engineers, planners and advisers work on projects of all scales – from multi-jurisdictional policy planning to detailed streetscape and the design of public spaces. 

With public involvement that incorporates all levels of stakeholders at the centre of our approach, we help improve mobility for all and create vibrant, sustainable communities where people want to live.