Rail Planning

WSP experts are helping rail systems across the globe to adapt to population growth, increasing urbanisation, climate change, and technological advances. 

Designing the Railways of Tomorrow

Rail clients call on our planning expertise to help reduce costs and improve the efficiency of rail systems, while continuing to optimise performance and accommodate growing demand for both passengers and freight.

Focused on improving the way goods and resources are transported, WSP planners consider the environmental, social, political, and economic contexts to develop solutions that maximise customer potential while controlling costs.


Putting our Rail Experience to Work for You 

In Australia and New Zealand, our rail engineering teams have extensive knowledge of regulations and policies. We also have strong expertise in community, regional, environmental, smart growth, multimodal, and policy planning. 

Our consultants offer strategic advice on rail engineering projects – from major investment studies to sustainable land use, initial specification through to appraisal as well as evaluation and detailed design and implementation. 


Services include:

  • Environment planning and management
  • Funding and financing advisory
  • Sustainable land use and masterplanning
  • Studies such as service quality, pedestrian circulation, site development assignments, major facility location and design
  • Stakeholder management
  • Research and training assignments in transportation planning and programming, land use/transportation relationships, public involvement, air quality, intelligent transportation systems
  • Travel Demand Forecasting
  • Transit oriented development
  • Transport planning