Structural Engineering

We are passionate about engineering buildings that perform well throughout their lifetime and make a positive contribution to society and the environment. Working closely with architects to realise their aesthetic visions, we help our clients meet their commercial and operational goals. 

Creating the Highest Value

With world-class engineering skills, technical back-up and in-depth knowledge of current design standards, WSP delivers the most resilient and efficient structures for any type of building, anywhere in ANZ and in the most challenging conditions.


We have a long history of innovation, as well as a reputation for imaginative thinking coupled with common sense solutions. The buildings we engineer perform well throughout their lifetime and many overcome complex challenges such as wind, seismic conditions and extreme events.


We add value to our projects by listening carefully to our clients to ensure that we align with their objectives and the needs of building occupants, in addition to delivering structures that are safe, sustainable and cost-effective.


From the earliest design stages, we plan for the diverse uses of a project through its whole life cycle, focusing on efficiency and economy. We seek to deliver flexible solutions that are adaptable to future needs, while optimising the building structure to maximise property value.


Our highly-trained engineers combine an in-depth understanding of the properties and behaviour of materials with modern analytical tools, including structure-modelling packages, BIM and project-planning methodologies.



  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Construction inspections
  • Façade engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Green building design
  • Information security management
  • Peer review and value engineering
  • Security masterplanning
  • Seismic engineering
  • Structural detailing
  • Structural investigations and alterations
  • Structural optimisation
  • Wind engineering


Overcoming Complex Structural Engineering Challenges

Structural engineering projects vary widely in terms of type, scale and location. They are often complex and challenging and require the application of significant skill, experience and creativity, to realise an optimal outcome. WSP in ANZ has particular expertise in the efficient delivery of cost-effective, readily buildable design solutions for:

  • Deep basements
  • Tall slender towers
  • Large span structures
  • Air-rights projects above rail or road
  • Elegant architectural structures and bridges
  • Retention of historic façades