Tunnel Systems

With tunnels being an integral part of transportation networks, increasing their life span is a challenge infrastructure owners face. The solution is to implement effective ventilation and fire safety systems to provide a comfortable environment for passengers and workers, reduce whole life costs and risks, and improve sustainability.

From tunnel design, through to operation and management, WSP has the expertise required to develop ventilation and fire safety systems. 

In quantifying the ventilation requirements of various types of tunnel networks, our engineers have developed and adapted a range of analysis and design tools and methods to assess and optimise aerodynamic and thermodynamic performance. With extensive experience in developing fire safety solutions, our specialists work as an integral part of the design, engineering, management, and operation of buildings and infrastructure.


Design Analysis and Optimisation for Sustainable, Workable Solutions

WSP offers a complete range of tools and techniques to address the needs of each project. We provide deep experience in using models to quickly understand and gather inputs, and we appreciate key sensitivities and uncertainties in the environment.

We work closely with equipment suppliers to deliver working designs. Our engineers are experienced in the retrofitting and refurbishment of existing structures to optimise ventilation capacity, create safe environments, and increase their life span.


Analysis Tools and Skills

In developing software tools and techniques, WSP provides innovative methods to study thermal comfort, risk of change, and evaluate the consequences of factors such as climate change.


Design Tools and Skills

WSP designers offer specialised experience in tunnel ventilation structure, optimising equipment selection and layout, and managing wider integration with infrastructure.