Urban Planning

Cities are more than just a collection of buildings and infrastructure – they are living places that are inhabited by people. Urban planning is crucial to their continued relevance and sustainability.

With 54% of the world’s population living in cities today – a number that is expected to rise to 66% by 2050 – efficient urban planning has never been more important.

To deliver sustainable land use solutions, new and existing developments need to balance economic, social, environmental and political factors with best-practice planning procedures. At WSP, we work collaboratively with diverse disciplines, local officials and the public to design vibrant people-centric places.


WSP is a leading supplier of urban planning services, with a proven track record in both public and private sectors across the globe. Our relevant planning experience equips us with the expertise required to respond to complex urban issues in our cities. WSP embraces a holistic and multidisciplinary planning approach to address land use and development issues. We look beyond the sole site to uncover unrealised opportunities in planning for attractive and accessible places where people want to live, work and visit.


WSP has well-informed and wide-ranging planning expertise due to the diverse projects we have worked on, including development proposals, strategies and policies, and masterplanning.  Locally, WSP is currently delivering planning and advisory services in Hornsby, Sydney to better understand how we can plan for an additional 10,000 new residents within the town centre over the next 20-years. In doing so, WSP has collaborated with various stakeholders, consultants and the client to deliver a new vision for Hornsby as a great place to work, visit and live.


WSP’s highest priority is placed on establishing and maintaining a positive dialogue with all stakeholders. We believe it is essential to foster a shared long-term vision that all players can endorse – one that supports the interests of locals, facilitates flexibility in planning outcomes and ensures cities are equipped to continue evolving within our changing world.


Through leveraging our local talent who understand the intricacies of your city, with WSP’s international expertise we apply global best-practice planning outcomes through a place-based planning approach. Our recent work at the former GMH site, and more broadly across Fishermans Bend, Melbourne showcases our capability to draw upon our national knowledge base to deliver positive planning outcomes at a local level. 


Our services cover every aspect of planning practice from strategic analysis and advisory services through to approval processes for development or regeneration projects, including:

  • Strategic advisory services
  • Legislative and planning policy advice and development studies
  • Masterplanning
  • Statutory planning
  • Asset management
  • Transportation planning and traffic management
  • Strategic environmental and sustainability assessments
  • Infrastructure solutions, including highways, drainage and utilities
  • Flood risk assessments
  • River and coastal engineering
  • Structural engineering and building services
  • Green building design and energy efficiency optimisation


WSP is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of technological innovation. We use the latest software applications and develop our own digital and web solutions when required. Our experts have developed tools for project delivery, presentations, and forecasting, as well as to respond to climate change and fluctuations in lifestyle, demographics, mobility, and technology.


Our technology responses to urban planning challenges include our Customer Connectivity Tool, which can use meta-data to analyse accessibility to urban services and data driven assessment of population and employment density, land use, connectivity and other attributes that enable comparison between development outcomes in different jurisdictions.


WSP is currently undertaking work in Fishermans Bend, a large industrial area in Melbourne which has been designated for urban renewal by the Victorian Government. Through leveraging our technology and planning expertise, WSP has delivered a Smart City Framework which will lay the foundations for the precinct’s future development, including housing for 80,000 new residents and commercial opportunities that are projected to create 60,000 new jobs.