Waste Management and Resource Recovery

In response to the global waste challenge, our waste design solutions help our clients enhance the outcomes of resource recovery, now and into the future.

Delivering innovative solutions that respond to the global waste challenge. 

With Australians generating about 67 million tonnes of waste per year, improving the way that our waste is managed will be essential in ensuring a sustainable future.


As waste and resource recovery engineers, we help governments and private organisations with design solutions that protect the health of our communities and reduce environmental impacts.


Working extensively across the built environment, we collaborate with clients and guide them to outcomes that reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.


We deliver customised solutions for our clients, from concept design through to implementation, across all sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, airport, defence, law enforcement, healthcare, education, local government and construction.


Applying a holistic approach to the management of waste, we offer versatile services to support the unique requirements of our clients, including:



  • Waste system design including waste stream identification, equipment selection, spatial layouts and collection advice
  • Waste Management Plans (WMPs) for all sectors, compliant with local government requirements as specified by councils across Australia
  • Material Recovery Facility / Transfer Station concept design
  • Loading dock design and logistics
  • Collection vehicles: specifications and swept path diagrams



  • Technical expertise: compactors, chutes, balers and bespoke equipment
  • Organics processing technology advice



  • Waste policy, strategy and guideline development
  • Towards zero waste strategy and implementation plans
  • Customised waste design standards for precincts and large developments/campuses



  • Environmental ratings: Green Star and NABERS Accreditation
  • Waste generation assessments: existing and projected
  • Waste stream analysis to identify landfill diversion opportunities
  • Collection contract review: specifications and tendering


Future-Focused Solutions

By integrating future trends into our approach, and assessing waste streams against waste management standards, we can develop design strategies that meet the demands of today, and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.


Harnessing the latest innovations and technologies, while leveraging both local and global expertise, we help our clients improve sustainability objectives and operational efficiencies.


WSP is committed to zero-waste strategy guidance for local and state governments, which can reduce the demand on virgin resources, and reducing waste to landfill levels waste production.


Working at the forefront of waste policy and innovation, we are ready to help our clients transition toward a circular economy, and create a future where our communities can thrive.